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hey! so i’ve been thinking tons lately about my identity as a disabled woman and how this plays out in my life and especially my career/the field i work in. as of right now next to my sweetest angel @jillianmercado, i am one of two physically disabled models and people in wheelchairs signed to a major agency in the entire industry. this at times feels like a really heavy cross to bear but it’s also what keeps me motivated and hopeful. i’ve been thinking lots about how my disability affects my career goals and how i intend to pursue them. one of my biggest goals is to become a successful runway model along with everything else i aspire to accomplish. i think it’s necessary to revive the conversation & dialogue of physical accessibility in the fashion industry. a job is a job, and goals are goals. nyfw had come around last september and in a nutshell i was unable to find any work due to inaccessibility problems my lovely team at elite and i had encountered pertaining to the runway- whether it was set design, location or castings. maybe this is me being impatient and ambitious but i don’t want to not be able to work due to things of this nature. accessibility benefits everyone, you really can’t go wrong with it. i also don’t want to be seen as a risky investment or chance to be taken on just because i happen to use a wheelchair and i have needs that may or may not need to be accommodated. everyone is accommodated for one way or another in our little fashion world. accommodations made for disabled folks can only do good. and in my case, you’d never regret it because i can put on a show. nyfw is coming up again this february and i can only hope that me voicing myself leads to us collectively moving forward and making space for disabled folks in major ways within the industry. and i encourage each & every one of you to think critically about what i’m saying because this problem obviously does not just exist in my field of work. much love ❤️

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